Lighten & Remove

Li-FT Pigment Lightening Removal

Li-FT is a pigment lightening/removal solution that safely facilitates the removal of cosmetic tattoo’s gone wrong, or unwanted tattoo’s.

Li-FT does not contain any chemicals or acids. It contains: Sterile water, finely milled sea salt, orange flower extract, lemon extract in water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, calendula extract, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

This method of removal decreases the chance of causing lasting damage to your melanocytes (color-producing skin cells), and permanently affecting the integrity of the skin. The solution is safe in all areas including eyeliner. Li-FT works using osmosis and your body’s natural healing process to lift pigment up to the skin surface. Saline solutions do not recognize color, it recognizes pigment uniformly so it removes all pigment colors.

During the procedure, the client should expect some minor bleeding and bruising. The treated area might be tender for a few days. Fading will happen gradually over several months. It’s important to know that the skin can never be replaced or returned to its natural state.

Li-FT is made by Li Pigments. Li Pigments has been researching, developing and formulating tattoo and pmu lighting products for over 15 years and is regarded as one of the industry’s most experienced, ethical and responsible manufacturers. Li-FT has undergone extensive testing from an outside independent lab for safety, purity, and quality. This exceptional saline lightening solution has passed all tests.

Clients with special events, travel plans, or who work in an environment with the probability of high bacterial exposure should choose the right timing for the lightening procedure so aftercare instructions do not conflict with these activities or work schedules.

It is important to understand that some corrections require multiple sessions to get the best possible results. Results vary per person.

Emergency removal can be done within 48hrs of your treatment.

Appointments are 8 weeks between each removal session and 12 weeks before re-tattooing the area.

If you are a victim of a poorly permanent makeup job either old or new a consultation is necessary for this treatment. Contact Danielle Burke at 7178926740 or email to set up a free consultation.